Naviational Echo Sounder FURUNO Model: FE-800 displays the clearance below the ship in the dual frequesncy operation*
Dual frequency display (50/200 kHz)*
   The depth at the FORE and AFT positions can be displayed simultaneously.
A variety of display modes available: NAV, OS DATA and HISTORY
    High contrast 8.4" LCD
When interfaced with FURUNO remote display RD-20/50, depth information can be observed at a remote location
Optional printer interface available for printing out echogram
Connecting a PC with the optional data recording software allows you to store, compile and print out the
    past data of the echogram via PC
BAM (Bridge Alert Management) ready**
    Meets the specific requirements for alerts and interconnection with Bridge Alert Management in IMO MSC.302 (87)
    ** BAM capability is to be implemented as software update after the product release in early 2015.
Depth data for the past 24 hours is storable in the internal memory
    For the amount of data for storage and playback on the FE-800, please refer to “HISTORY” on the right page.
    With the optional PC software, the sounding information can be stored and played back for 24 hours, when the
    recording interval is set at 5 sec.

Visual and audible alerts
The FE-800 generates alerts when the water depth below transducer  
is shallower than a preset depth. When the seabed is lost due to the
lowered power supply or out of range scale, an alert is generated.

* When interfaced with two transducers

FE 800 img1 
NAV Mode    Displays the depth numerically and graphically.
                 FE 800 img2
A Current range setting, reference point for the depth reading (Transducer/Surface/Keel) as well as currently 
    selected mode are displayed.
B This area shows the information specifi-c to the display mode currently selected. 
   Please refer to each of the display modes for details.
C Guide to currently available actions is displayed. Under an alert situation, the information about the most 
    imminent alert is displayed.

    FE 800 img3

Single frequency display (FORE or AFT) »

 FE 800 img4

Displays Own Ship Data (OS DATA)*                                      
*only available if the FE-800 is connected to an external EPFS
(Electronic Position-Fixing System), such as a GPS navigator.

 FE 800 img5

Displays a combination of Contour and Strata echo readings taken
Recording interval setting         Amount of data 
                                                for storage and playback
            5 sec                                       1 h
            1 min                                     12 h
            2 min                                     24 h

 FE 800 img6

Displays the stored time, depth and own ship position.
The logbook is capable of storing data for up to 720 log entries

 FE 800 img7

Alert Log List
Displays the alert history (containing up to 100 alerts)

 FE 800 img8
 FE 800 img10 FE 800 img11  FE 800 img12  FE 800 img13 
Black  Echo: Amber
Black  Echo: Red
Blue  Echo: Red
White  Text: Black

Optional printer and PC software to utilize the stored data
The past data can be stored on a PC with the optional software.
Also, printout function of the echogram is available via the    
optional printer PP-505-FE 

FE 800 img14 
 PC Software
 FE 800 img15  FE 800 img16  FE 800 img17
 Echo mode  Graph mode  Log mode

pdf button NAVIGATIONAL ECHO SOUNDER FE-800 Brochure