NINGLU DS2008 LCD navigation echo sounder

Ninglu DS2008     The NINGLU DS2008 LCD navigation echo sounder is used for international navigation.
The equipment is designed and comply with standards for CCS certificate.
Echo Sounder DS2008, echo sounder with a 10.4 inch, high resolution graphic LCD,
continuously shows echo graphics on the LCD along with complete navigational details.
External connectors are provided for printer, and NMEA in/output.
DS2008 contains history memory that stores depth, time and other available navigation
data continuously for the preceding 20 hours.
The main features of the DS2008 are as follow:
High-contrast 10-inch color TFT LCD display featuring a wide viewing angle and adjustable brightness (640x480 pix)
Modular design supplies strong performance for DS2008.
High sensitive gain control is helpful to detect the echo distinctly.
NMEA0183 outputs connect well to the equipments, such as repeater and VDR, etc.
NMEA0183 outputs not only connect well to the printer DPU-414
Support GPS data from outside which includes direction, course, speed and time.
Dual D.C. power supply or A.C. power supply with adapter.
Protection: over voltage, over current, counter-polarity.
Excellent design: modern LCD display and electrostatic spraying shell and power filter inputs.
User-friendly operation interface, such as soft keys.

.Ninglu DS2008 config
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