FURUNO FAR-22x8/FAR-23x8 series are brand-new Radar series characterized by its state-of-the-art antenna
design and innovative signal processing technologies.
FURUNO's latest,advanced technologies and intuitive design will increase situational awareness,facilitating
unparalleled navigational safety.
FURUNO FAR-23x8 series

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FAR-2318          X-band, 12 kW, TR up
FAR-2328          X-band, 25 kW, TR up
FAR-2328W       X-band, 25 kW, TR down
FAR-2338S        S-band, 30 kW, TR up
FAR-2338SW     S-band, 30 kW, TR down
Solid State Radar model, NXT series
< X-band >
FAR-2328-NXT     X-band, 600W, TR up, Solid State
< S-band >
FAR-2338S-NXT   S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State 

for Category 1 of ship/craft, with 27" wide or 23" LCD

FURUNO FAR-22x8 series

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FAR-2218-BB         X-band, 12 kW, TR up
FAR-2228-BB         X-band, 25 kW, TR up
FAR-2238S-BB       S-band, 30 kW, TR up
Solid State Radar model, NXT series
< X-band >
FAR-2228-NXT-BB    X-band, 600W, TR up, Solid State
< S-band >
FAR-2238S-NXT-BB  S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State

for Category 2 of ship/craft, with 19" LCD

A complete Solid-state and Magnetron-free X-band / S-band Radar Solution
With X-band models added to the Solid-State FAR-2xx8 NXT Series, Furuno is able to provide
commercial vessels with a Magnetron-free solution for both X-band and S-band Radars.
Advanced technologies for safe navigation
The FURUNO FAR-22x8/23x8 series is a brand-new radar series characterized by its state-of-the-art
antenna design and innovative signal processing techniques. FURUNO's latest and finest technologies
and intuitive design will increase situational awareness and enable safer than ever navigation.
Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) for unprecedented echo clarity
Quickly adjusts the radar image with of a single button press. When the ACE function is activated,the system
automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions.
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Fast Target Tracking™ (TT) function to prevent collision at an early stage

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With Fast Target Tracking™ (TT),
the FAR-22x8/23x8 series
provides accurate tracking
information;speed and course
vectors are displayed in mere
seconds allowing operators
to take action and avoid incidents
at a very early stage.


User interface designed for the ultimate intuitive operation
InstantAccess bar™ which gives you immediate access to the functions you need
InstantAccess bar™ contains shortcut menus of tasks (functions/actions) which operators frequently use,
so users can quickly access necessary tasks.
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Screen image: Wide monitor MU-270W
Well-designed controllers for stress-free operation
Comfortable usability is very important on long voyages.
With that in mind, these control units are designed based on ergonomics to fit the operator’s hand.
All operations can be controlled with the trackball.
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Refined antenna with high signal accuracy and excellent reliability
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The FAR-22x8/23x8 series is designed to provide clearer and more accurate radar images of the surroundings
while increasing reliability and decreasing overall cost of ownership with easy maintenance.
High image quality is achieved by the signal processor inside the antenna unit directly converting analog
to digital signals before sending them to the main processor unit. Signals are safely transported though the
Ethernet network between the antenna and below deck processing unit.
The new antenna shape suppresses aerodynamic drag and lightens the burden on the gear box.
The gear box itself has also been redesigned. Decreased aerodynamic drag and DC brushless motor result in
a very durable gear box that can be used for prolonged period of time.
Installation and maintenance are now easier than ever. All components of the gear box are integrated into one
block that can easily be removed from the gear box when maintenance is required.
The cable to the gear box can be connected from the side of the gear box.
Solid State Radar model - NXT - specialized in target detection and maintainability

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Power Amplifier Module of the
Solid State transceiver (S-band) 
FURUNO Solid State Radars emphasize quality and reliability,
while also meeting the rigorous demands of the marine environment.
Clear images
FURUNO Solid State Radar technology generates clear echo images,
which allows users to obtain a clear picture of the area around
thier vessel, including weaker echoes from small craft.
Reduced maintenance and running costs
• No need for magnetron replacement
• Fewer consumable parts thanks to a fanless design (S-band only)
  Fan-less Solid State antenna dramatically reduces maintenance
  costs for the magnetron and CPU fan.
Almost same power ability as conventional magnetron radar 

Easy installation for new building as well as retrofits, with expanded capabilities
Selectable 27" wide monitor (model: MU-270W)*
With the expanded wide monitor, 9 TT data boxes will be displayed on the screen.
The color contrast of the display is excellent so that radar echo can be grasped at a glance.
* FAR-23x8 series only
Continuous usage of existing monitor, control unit and cables in retrofitting
When retrofitting in lieu of FAR-2xx7 series, existing monitor, control unit,
and cables can be continuously used for FAR-22x8/23x8 series.
Easy, cost-less and eco-friendly setup for Ethernet communication
Optional LAN Signal Converter enables Ethernet communication.
Also extension of the cable between antenna unit and processor unit utilizing
existing cables when retrofitting is possible.
Ethernet connectivity with onboard system
Ethernet expands the radar's capability with connection between either existing
or newly installed system such as ECDIS and VDR.
Inter-switch which utilizes no other cables than LAN cable with the optional Ethernet HUB
DVI-I cable connectible to VDR in retrofitting
pdf button  FURUNO FAR-22x8 Series Brochure
pdf button  FURUNO FAR-23x8 Series Brochure