CHART RADAR Models FAR-3000 Series
FURUNO FAR-3000 Chart Radar offers the reliable situation awareness and navigation safety 
by greatly enhanced target detection.
Newly developed antennas with enhanced high durability and reliability

FAR3000 img1

Newly designed antenna scanners to suppress the aerodynamic drag and prevent a spike in temperature
Less maintenance required through use of the DC brushless motor
Ethernet network link between antenna unit and below deck processor unit
   The analog signals are converted into the digital signals within the antenna unit and sent to the below 
   deck processor unit via Ethernet network. This network technology eliminates loss of signal gain between 
   antenna unit and processor unit that may be seen in conventional Radar system.
Optional LAN Signal Converter enables users to extend the cable between antenna unit and processor unit 
    or to utilize the existing cables when retrofitting
Solid State transceiver available
Less noise and much clearer targets

FAR3000 img2.

FURUNO’s Solid State Radar technology generates    
clearer echo images, which allows users to obtain 
clearer picture of what are around their vessel, 
including weak targets from small craft.
The newly developed Power Amplifier generates 
properly modulated radio frequency to the targets 
around the vessels. Also, the receiver catches 
the weak signals, which are processed inside the 
Power Amplifier module to reduce the clutters.
Fan-less antenna design requires less maintenance
Lower maintenance hours and costs compared to Magnetron radar
    No need to replace the Magnetron
Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function provides clear echoes
Users can quickly adjust the radar image with a single action. When Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function 
is activated, the system automatically adjusts the clutter reduction filter and gain control according to the sea 
and weather conditions selected (Calm/Rough Sea/Hard Rain).
Advanced echo averaging architecture is also incorporated into Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function. 
Users can avoid complicated adjustment processes, resulting in clear echo images.

FAR3000 img3.

        Atomatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) OFF                                        Atomatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) ON
Improved Target Tracking (TT) function
 • Target acquisition takes only a few seconds
 • Acquired target does not jump to adjacent target
 • Reliable and stable tracking of high-speed and rapidly maneuvering vessels

FAR3000 img4.

Advanced Interference Reduction (IR) function
   Target Echo does not become smaller even with IR on
26” Wide LCD monitor compatibility
Complies with the following regulations:
    • IEC62388 Ed. 2.0   • IEC61174 Ed. 3.0   • IEC62288   • IEC61162-1 Ed. 4.0   • IEC61162-2
Multifunction display (MFD) capability*
FURUNO offers workstations that combine flexibility and redundancy. Users may easily select ECDIS, Chart Radar, 
Conning display or Alert Management System at any multi-function display. Navigators will enjoy reduced workload 
and significant freedom to move about the bridge. All necessary information is available on a variety of displays 
and at locations that may be altered as required.
*MFD capability is to be implemented as software update

FAR3000 img5

      Radar (Chart ON)                             Radar (Chart OFF)                         ECDIS                       Conning Information Display

Sensor Adapter
Common sensor adaptor makes installation and maintenance easy

FAR3000 img6

The Sensor Adapter acts as a central medium to gather all of the sensor data and collectively feed it to all FAR-3000 
Chart Radar and FMD-3200/3300 ECDIS in the network. Since the sensor adapter can be extended to interface with all the 
sensors within the network, individual cable connections in the sensor-to-Chart Radar/ECDIS interface can be greatly 
Navigation sensors can be directly interfaced with the processor’s 8 serial I/0 ports.
Sensor adapters are required under the following conditions
 • The sensor data is to be shared amongst multiple networked Chart Radar and ECDIS systems,
 • The number of sensors interfaced is more than the number of the ports the processor has (8 serial I/O ports, 
   1 digital IN and 6 digital OUT), and/or
 • The networked sensors include analog sensors.
In order to integrate onboard sensors into the navigation network, the sensor adapter may be interfaced with the 
switching hub HUB-100 from which distribution of the sensor data throughout the network is possible. Alternatively, 
multiple sensor adapters may be interfaced via Ethernet to integrate onboard sensors for use in the shipboard network.
System diagram for the new Chart Radar Model: FAR-3000

FAR3000 img7

User Interface
FURUNO’s new user interface delivers straightforward operation
Unique & smart operation tool – “Status bar” and “InstantAccess bar™”
The user interface of the Radar utilizes carefully organized operational tools: The Status bar and The InstantAccess bar™.
These operational tools deliver straightforward, task-based operation by which the operator can quickly perform tasks 
without having to navigate an intricate menu tree.
Status bar contains information about
the operation status, i.e.,MFD operating
mode,main tasks assigned to each MFD 
operating mode.
InstantAccess bar™
InstantAccess bar™ contains all the tasks
(functions or actions) corresponding to
the operation mode currently selected so
that quick access to neccessary functions/ 
actions can be made.
 FAR3000 img8

Stress-free operation with the well-designed control unit

FAR3000 img9

Intuitive operation
All operations can be controlled with the trackball.
Contextual menu
The context menu contains all  
the available actions related to  
the selected icon or area, it  
provides quick access to tasks.
 FAR3000 img10
Expandability - Ice/Oil detection Radar
FAR-3000 series X-band radar can be used as an ice/oil detection radar by connecting a dedicated processor unit.
Ice Radar                                                  Oil Radar
FAR3000 img11  FAR3000 img12 
Ice Radar is suitable for all sizes           Oil Radar detects oil at sea, for use 
of vessels in icy conditions.                    in recovery operations during oil spills
Software version
 Product                                                                                FAR-3000 (magnetron)                                                FAR-3000 (S-band solid state radar)
Software version   SPU 0359281-01.xx 0359286-01.xx
   Main (EC-3000)   0359266-02.xx 0359266-02.xx

 IMO Standard

IMO MSC.191(79)
IMO MSC.192(79)
IEC 62388 Ed.2
IEC 62288 Ed.2 CDV
IEC 60945 Ed.4
ITU-R M.1177-4
Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)
S-57 Edition 3.1,
S-57 Edition 3.1.1 and
S-57 Maintenance Document (Cumulative) Number 8
 ECDIS Presentation Library S-52 PresLib edition 3.4
 ENC Data Protection S-63 edition 1.1
 Compliance for IHO CDS YES
 Possibility for Updating  -