NINGLU DS99 Doppler Speed Log
DS99 is a single axis Doppler Speed Log, displaying ship's speed relative to water in one axis (STW, Fore/ Aft) and distance
(Trip/ Total) in 7 inch TFT LCD, using Doppler principle, which is fully compatible with Furuno Doppler Speed Log DS80, and Skipper.
Applying new technology of high integration and stability, DS99 provides you the optimum choice for large ship under 50000 GT.
Its rugged and modern design offers excellent user feelings.
System overview

 Ninglu DS99    Displayer:
Model:               DS991 (IP23)
Function:           ship's speed and distance (trip & total) display system operation and control
Dimensions:      188(W) × 166(H) × 65(D)
Installationsite:  navigation bridge
Model:               DS992 (IP23)
Function:           signal receiving/calculation from transceiver/external equipments
                          speed and distance signal output to displayer/external equipments
Dimensions:      350(W) × 300(H) × 30(D)
Installationsite:  navigation bridge
Model:               DS993 (IP56)
Function:           transforming transducer ultrasonic signal to speed signal
Dimensions:      350(W) ×300(H) × 30(D) (stainless steel)
Installationsite:  20 meters away from transducer
Model:               DS994 (IP68)
Function:           transmitting/receiving ultrasonic wave
Installationsite:  ship bottom
Gate valve:
Model:               DS997
Function:           transducer replacement in water 

System configuration
Ninglu DS99 config
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