NINGLU NMEA9108 NMEA0183 Distributor
NMEA9108 is a very convenient and practical tool for distributing NMEA0183 signals.
NMEA9108 is installed in the standardized UM module,which is produced by phoenixcontact.
So it is more convenient to mount on the DIN rail.Also the pluggable connectors are easier for wiring.
NMEA9108 has status LEDs.confirming correct connection of input data and power on.

Ninglu NMEA9108   Features
·Simple and compact design
·Easy installation on the DIN TS35 rail
·Compatible with all NMEA0193 versions
·Pluggable screw terminals for quick and easy installation
·LED indication of input signals and power supply
·Power Supply: 24VDC (18 to 33 VDC)
·Number of input: 1
·Number of output: 8
·Inut/Output signal speed: up to 115200 bps
·Dimension: 128mm(L) x 77mm(W) x 50mm(H)
·Mounting: DIN TS35/TH35 rail
·Galvanic isolation: power supply 1.5Kvdc
·Short circuit output protection


·pdf button  NINGLU NMEA9108 Brochure

·NINGLU NMEA917 NMEA0183 Signal Distributor

Ninglu NMEA917  NMEA0183 signals
Max. baud rate: 115200bps
Power: 18-33VDC 

Connection Definition
Ninglu NMEA917 con

Mode 1:
Connect wire jumper JP1 1-2
Twin-channel 1 input to 7 outputs                    
IN1 → OUT1 ~ OUT7
IN2 → OUT8 ~ OUT14

Mode 2:
Connect wire jumper JP1 2-3
Single-channel 1 input to 14 outputs
INPUT1 normal signal (IN1 OK)
IN1 → OUT1 ~ OUT14
INPUT1 none signal (IN1 Wrong)
IN2 → OUT1 ~ OUT14

pdf button  NINGLU NMEA917 Brochure

NINGLU NMEA918 NMEA0183 Signals Distributor

Ninglu NMEA918     1 Input to 8 Outputs
Receive 1 NMEA0183 signal from echo sounder,gyro,AIS,GPS etc,
Output 8 NMEA0183 signals
Max. baud rate: 115200bps
Power: 18-33VDC 

pdf button NINGLU NMEA918 Brochure