NINGLU 5 Channels Repeater NM501

Ninglu NM501 repeater  NM501, 7 inch navigation monitor, displays depth, wind,gyro,speed log
and GPS navigation messages on one screen.
Remote controller is available for ceiling installation.
5 channels repeater, only one cable is needed
  (Gyro/Sounder/Anemometer/Speed log/GPS repeaters)
5 repeaters in 1 mode and single repeater mode
NMEA0183 data input
In one window mode, historical data analog display
Wind/Depth alarm, Speed/Distance unit selectable
Data receiving indicators, LCD backlight set
Remote keyboard, easy control for ceiling mount

Ninglu NM501 repeaters

NINGLU IR361 Digital Gyro Repeater

Ninglu IR361gyro  IR361 is a digital gyro repeater that displays the heading angle in the LED segment
display and indicates the rate of turn (ROT) with 30 dual-color surrounding LEDs.
The IR361 will display heading angle given by the HDT message from a gyro or other
equipment (NMEA 0183) and indicate ROT by calculating change in heading based on the
HDT input and the time between each message.
The high-light LED segment displays the heading angle between 0.0º and 359.9º
When the heading angle increases (turn starboard),the turning indicators are green.
   When the heading angle decreases (turn port), the turning indicators are red.
The LED segment will show "- - - -", ROT lights go out, when IR361 has been with
   no signal for more than 15 seconds.
When the heading angle rate is 1º/s,the rotate speed of the surrounding LEDs is 6 steps/s.


NINGLU IR761 Wind Repeater

Ninglu IR761wind   The IR761 wind repeater is a combined display for wind speed and direction.
It receives NMEA0183 signal from a marine anemometer (talker), and displays the wind speed and
max wind speed on digit LED, wind direction on a double LED circle. Its 144x144 Din size cabinet
is suitable for panel (flush) mounting. Also the tabletop and wall mounting is available with the bracket.
IR761 receives NMEA0183 signal from a marine anemometer (talker),and displays the wind speed
and max wind speed on digit LED,wind direction on a double LED circle.
Wind direction display: Outer Red LED circle with 36 LED's
Wind direction variation: Inner Yellow LED circle with 36 LED's
Wind speed display: One 3 digits Red LED displays size 14.3 mm height
Max wind speed display: One 3 digits Red LED display size 10mm height 

pdf button NINGLU IR761 WIND REPEATER Brochure

NINGLU IR762 Weather Repeater

Ninglu IR762weather   Norway Skipper technological innovations inherited in China factory, dedicated to
producing advanced technological 7 inch LCD Repeater of Weather Station applications.
The IR762 weather repeater is a combined 7” LCD display for relative
wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric information.
Relative/ture wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity (RH),barometric information.
7 inch LCD, 480x234 pixels.
Real-time wind direction indication.


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NINGLU SR362 Steering Repeater

Ninglu SR362steering  Steering Repeater Model No. SR362, is an advanced Steering Repeater, receives
NMEA0183 signal and points out the vessel heading.
Adjustable highlight LED backlight facilitates night observation.
It has two installation methods including ceiling & table mounting and flush mounting.
Steering repeater SR362 ensures a clear indication of the heading information by
using a 360°compass card.
Brightness is adjusted on the front panel, via NMEA or from the optional remote
controller, DIM930. Multiple installation methods facilitate observation in different positions.

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