BNWAS is designed to ensure that a vessel is under the control of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) at all times. 
The OOW must reset the BNWAS within a set time period. It is a key item of equipment for companies running a
“one man bridge” operation, where the vessel is solely reliant on the OOW to ensure its safety. 
Should the OOW become unable to interact with the BNWAS the system it will enter a sequence of alarm stages:
    Stage 1 - Audible and visual alarm local to the wheelhouse only
    Stage 2 -Additional audible alarm in chosen Officer’s quarters
    Stage 3 -Additional audible alarm further officer and crew areas
The AMI Marine systems do all that is required by regulatory bodies and more, each system can be tailored to your vessel

AMI BN150 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
The BN150 system is designed to be a practical and economic solution with fleet owners and operators in mind.
From the use of a simple two wire connection cable to the functional design of the main distribution unit, the BN150 is
purpose built for straightforward installation.  Setup and commissioning can usually be performed by the ship’s crew using
the comprehensive installation manual supplied with every system.
• Backup officer selection for any combination of up to five officers
• Two core interconnect cable throughout for easy, cost effective installation
• LCD display for easy menu driven operation
• Compact design is ideal for space limited bridge
• Choice of audible and visual alarms to suit any location
• Up to three years’ warranty with global service and support 

pdf button  AMI BN-150 BNWAS Datasheet

AMI KW-810 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
Designed to meet all requirements specified by the IMO, international class societies and flag states, the KW810
combines quality, performance and sophisticated aesthetics.It is ideally suited to larger more modern vessels and
offers practical functionality to ensure there is activity on the bridge.
In addition to the standard "push to reset" controls the KW810 offers the option of a passive infrared detector.
When the sensor detects movement on the bridge, it will automatically reset the BNWAS counter, leaving the OOW free 
to carry out his normal duties without the concern of manually resetting the BNWAS.
The equipment brings peace of mind to ship owners and managers for dealing with strict operational procedures, while
offering immediate compatibility with current and future IMO amendments.
• Fully type approved BNWAS system according to, MSC128 (75), IEC60945 & IEC62616
• Stylish yet functional, fits unobtrusively into IBS consoles
• Ergonomically designed, intuitive touch screen operation
• Durable capacitive touch technology, zero maintenance
• Easy installation, smart cable runs reduce costs
• Future proof interfacing to accommodate forthcoming IMO requirements
• Pre-sale advice and technical support
• Worldwide sales and Service network
• Peace of mind with AMI  3 year warranty 

 pdf button  AMI KW810 BNWAS Datasheet