SAILOR SART II is a 9 GHz X-band Radar transceiver designed for assisting rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements.
When a radar signal is received from a vessel or aircraft, SAILOR SART II automatically transmits a response signal, which clearly indentifies
identifies the survival craft on the radar screen by means of a stream of 12 in-line dots.
Help rescue assets find you even in the worst of conditions.
Once activated, SAILOR SART II will remain in standby mode for over 96 hours, ready to point you rescuers in exactly the right direction. 

 sailor sartII 

 Features include
 Ship or survival craft options
 Waterproof to 10 m
 Maintenance free
 Replaceable, 5 year battery pack
 Audio/visual indication of operation
 Built-in test facility
 Integral lanyard
 Mounting options – internal/external

pdf button SAILOR SART II Product Sheet

The SAILOR 5052 AIS SART is a manual deployment survivor location device intended for use on life-rafts or survival crafts.
It meets IMO SOLAS requirements and is the next generation alternative to the well known SAILOR SART II radar SART.
SAILOR 5052 AIS SART is a self-contained radio device used to locate a survival craft or vessel in distress by sending updated
position reports using the standard Automatic Identification System (AIS) class-A position report.
The SAILOR 5052 AIS SART is compact and easy to operate and deploy. It is packed in a highly visible yellow carry case which
can be wall mounted on board or stored inside a survival craft. This ensures the optimal availability in an emergency situation.
There is no question that AIS has become an integral tool for marine operators as it is extensively used for collision avoidance,
security, traffic management, pilotage, ship to ship identification and search & rescue. This makes the use of AIS SART a precise
and effective location device in a Search and Rescue operation.
The SAILOR 5052 AIS SART is intended for use in a life raft or survival craft. It can be deployed on board or in the water.
SOLAS GMDSS vessels from 300 GRT are required to carry one SART, and vessels over 500 GRT are required to carry two.
Since 2010, AIS SARTs have been a permissible IMO alternative to radar SARTs under the SOLAS regulations.
The SAILOR 5052 AIS SART transmits target survivor information including structured alert messages, GPS position information
and a unique serial identity number. Once activated, the SAILOR 5052 AIS SART transmits continually for minimum 96 hours.
A built in GPS provides accurate position information to assist a quick recovery of survivors.

sailor 5052 

Reasons to switch your Radar SART II to SAILOR 5052 AIS SART
  More accurate position detection – GPS specific
  Wider signal range
  Avoids ‘rain fade effect’ seen in Radar SART
  Provides GPS coordinates of survival craft
  Longer battery life
  Lower cost of ownership

The SAILOR 5052 AIS SART comes with:
- SAILOR 5052 AIS SART unit
- Extender
- Yellow Robust Stowing Case
  (Incl 10m integral Lanyard)

pdf button SART SAILOR 5052 AIS SART Product Sheet