Ninglu AM706 Anemometer
Marine Anemometer AM706 is a combined instrument for wind speed and wind direction.
It can measure relative wind speed (accuracy ±5%),relative wind direction (display accuracy 10°, output accuracy ±1°).
Two different displays are optional


 Wind display AM706E

 Ninglu  AM706E Wind Display

 Wind display AM706C

Ninglu  AM706C Wind Display

 Display  7” TFT / 480 × 234 pixels                          Nixie tube
 Power Supply  DC24V (18~33V)  DC24V (18~33V)
 Date Input/Output      NMEA0183  NMEA0183
 Proof  IP23  IP23
 Brightness  9 level adjustable  6 level adjustable
 Functions Real-time Wind speed & direction
With inputting GPS (RMC) data, user
can choose heading, true wind, or
gust mode
Real-time Wind speed & direction
AM706C (with alarm function),designed in compliance with
the ExxonMobil MESQAC rules E.19,is mainly used for tankers
Connect with printer to print out wind speed and direction


     Ninglu Alarm  CCR
Alarm in CCR       
Ninglu Alarm deck
Alarm in deck IP56       
 Ninglu Wind repeater
    Wind repeater IR761
Ninglu Printer DPU414.
       Printer DPU-414 


 Ninglu AM706S Sensor Ninglu AM706W Sensor   Ninglu AM706H Sensor
Marine wind sensor
Model: AM706S
Type: Machanical
Material: Stainless Steel
Proof: IP56
Startup wind speed: ≤1.2m/s         
Marine wind sensor
Model: AM706W
Type: Ultrasonic
Material: Plastic
Proof: IP56
Startup wind speed: ≤0.1m/s         
Inland river wind sensor
Model: AM706H
Type: Machanical
Material: Plastic
Proof: IP56

pdf button NINGLU AM706 ANEMOMETER Brochure

Ninglu AM706D Weather Station
The marine weather station AM706D is a multi-functonal measuring instrument with wind speed, direction,temperature,
humidity and barometric pressure. It can accurately measure and display real-time relative wind speed and direction,
true wind speed and direction,air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure.
In addition, it can regularly print these parameters and time, longitude and latitude, ship speed,and navigational signal
10.4 inch color TFT LCD
Relative/True wind direction & speed
Temperature, humidity and air pressure
Alarm of wind speed/temperature/humidity
Data print out with printer DUP-414 (optional)

Ninglu Display AM706D    Ninglu AM706S Sensor                Ninglu AM706TH Sensor 
                       Display AM706D IP23  Wind Sensor AM706S IP56  Sensor of Temperature & Humidity AM706TH IP54


Power Supply 
Wind direction range
Wind direction accuracy
Wind speed range      
Wind speed accuracy   
Min start speed   
Temperature range 
Temperature accuracy
Humidity range  
Humidity accuracy  
Barometric pressure range 
Barometric pressure accuracy  
10.4 inch color TFT LCD
DC24V (18~33V)
±5% (min 0.1m/s)

pdf button NINGLU AM706D WEATHER STATION Brochure