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Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT) testing services
   -  Approved for over 90 flag states
   -  FREE restarts if first test is to fail
LRIT Data Centre to more than 50 countries
Seafarer Certification
Fisheries Catch Reporting
Fleet monitoring
SSAS Reporting

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Fulcrum Maritime Systems provides tracking services for Vessel Owners, Fleet Managers and Charterers, based on the latest secure satellite
communications technology. Fulcrum use data streaming, the latest low cost high volume data transfer technology to provide reliable, function
rich tracking for your vessel.

For example, you can choose to receive position data by email or view the vessel’s latest position from a web browser, request an
immediate position from a particular vessel any time, download and analyse the historical data to review efficiency.
The system is compatible with most Inmarsat C equipment, keeping costs down by allowing you to make use of existing equipment where compatible.
Alternatively Fulcrum provide dedicated pre-programmed tracking units with easy installation.
An easy to use, cost effective and practical solution to monitoring a fleet.
Ideal for ship owners, operators and charterers.
Real time position reports with alerts. Monitors a vessel’s journey and safe arrival at its destination.
Includes information on local weather, distance to port, average speed and distance travelled.
.Fulcrum VTS
How does it work?
The vessel tracking system uses satellite technology to receive a signal from a vessel.
The vessel must have a piece of equipment installed onboard that is capable of transmitting a signal containing the required data.
Not all equipment can send all types of data. The equipment must be able to send the date, time, latitude, longitude and ship
identification at the very least. Other information that can be transmitted include the speed, direction and weather conditions.
The signal is beamed via a satellite to a Land Earth Station. The Land Earth Station is a receiving station (satellite dish) on land.
The Land Earth Station is managed by a Communications Service Provider (like a telephone service provider).
The Communication Service Provider is responsible for managing the satellite network and the Land Earth Station.
The Land Earth Station receives the ship position information and sends it to Fulcrum across a secure, encrypted channel.
Using this technology, the vessel position information can be transmitted from anywhere on the Earth’s surface, so the vessel is tracked
continuously and automatically.
The expansion of the satellite networks means that this technology is increasingly being used for such applications as vessel tracking.
The advantage of using satellite technology is that it is private, secure data and is not publicly available.
A position report is received from the vessel at a pre-defined frequency, so that the vessel manager can monitor the vessel in transit,
e.g. every 3 hours or every 6 hours.
The position information is made available to the vessel manager across the internet, making the data available from anywhere around
the world, provided that an internet browser and an internet connection are available.
No special software is needed to access the system.
The Fulcrum system uses a method of connection across the internet called a ‘secure socket layer’, which means that when the vessel
manager connects to the system, the data channel between the computer that the vessel manager is using and the Fulcrum system is
encrypted to ensure that the data is secure. Web sites that use this method of securing data start with https://…….
In order to access the system, the vessel manager must have a valid username and password.
Fulcrum Maritime’s Tracking Systems are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Fulcrum track over 5,000 vessels around the world.