General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service

Quotations and published prices
Unless otherwise agreed, all orders are quoted at the prices in force on the day of delivery.
Price and delivery dates are subject to strike; lockout or other factors beyond our control (see Force Majeure).
Quotations automatically expire 30 calendar days from the date issued unless otherwise stated in the quotation.
Prices shown on the published price lists and other published literature issued by ALPHALINK are not unconditional offers to sell and/or perform services and are subject to change without notice.
ALPHALINK’s prices for equipment, unless otherwise specified, do not include shipping, installation and/or final adjustment.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the prices stated in offers and quotations are inclusive packing and exclusive VAT and other taxes or duties.
Pricing that differs from ALPHALINK’s published price lists is confidential to ALPHALINK, and Customer agrees to strictly maintain such confidentiality.
Prices are based upon ex-works deliveries unless otherwise agreed.

Payment in advance is required unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Property of the goods shall not pass to the customer until the amount due under the invoice has been paid in full.
If the Customer fails to pay the invoice price by due date and such delay is not caused by ALPHALINK, ALPHALINK reserves the right to charge penalty on the overdue amount from the date of invoice at interest rate of 1% per month.

Delivery dates are approximate and are based on prompt receipt of all necessary information regarding the equipment to be delivered and subject to the goods being unsold.
Any claim for damages shall be notified within 7 days of the arrival of the goods.
If ALPHALINK finds that an agreed delivery date cannot be observed or that a delay is likely, the customer shall receive notification hereof in writing with an indication of the expected delivery date.
If ALPHALINK is unable to deliver the goods sold in accordance to the delivery date agreed upon or on a new delivery date as arranged under the provisions of this condition, the customer shall be entitled to cancel the contract.
Under no circumstances shall ALPHALINK be responsible for losses incurred by the customer, resulting from delay or non delivery.

Shipping and Handling charges
Shipments are F.O.B. point of shipment. Unless Customer elects a freight collect shipment, shipping charges plus the applicable ALPHALINK handling charge will be prepaid and billed as a separate item on the equipment invoice.

Undelivered parts of any order may be canceled by Customer only with the prior written approval of ALPHALINK.

Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty Terms are applicable in accordance with the specifications of equipment.
Any claim for non-compliance of the goods with specifications shall be notified in writing by the Customer to ALPHALINK without undue delay. Any claim which comes within the scope of this condition shall be rectified by ALPHALINK without delay.
If the Customer himself is able to rectify such defects, rectification shall be deemed to have been made under this condition on the dispatch of replacement or repaired goods.
If defective goods or parts are returned for replacement or repair, the Customer shall, unless otherwise agreed, pay the costs incidental to dispatch and risks in transit.

Force Majeure
If the performance of the contract is prevented or interfered by reason of any of the following factors, the parties shall be excused from performance:
Labor conflict, strike, lockout or other circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen drafting for military service, sabotage, requisitioning, confiscation, currency restrictions, riot and civil commotion, lack of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on motive power and defective supplies or delay from sub suppliers caused by any of the factors mentioned above.
Either party shall be entitled upon written notice to the other party to cancel the contract if, within a reasonable period of time, performance hereof is impossible because of any of the factors mentioned under this condition.